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2 Card Monte Magic Trick: Performance

Explanation Of The Performance (Transcript of Video)


I’m excited to teach you the Two-Card Monte magic trick. It’s a great opportunity to impress and amaze your friends and family! The trick is a lot of fun and somewhat easy to learn. It will require plenty of practice, but I’m confident you’ll master it before too long.


The trick consists of, you guessed it, two playing cards. How did you know?! For example purposes, let’s use the cards I chose in the video above - the Ace of Diamonds and the Two of Clubs.

The trick begins with the magician holding both cards in the right hand at waist level. He/she holds the cards in a V-shape so both are clearly visible to the audience. The Ace of Diamonds is face up and the Two of Clubs is face down. The magician then raises the cards towards his/her face so the audience can see the other side of the two cards (the face-up Two and the face-down Ace).

Next, the magician holds one card in each hand, the Two of Clubs face down in the right hand and the Ace face up in the left. With their hands spaced far apart, he/she then performs a quick shaking motion of the wrists and the cards magically swap places. The audience is left staring at the Two of Clubs face up in the left hand and the Ace of Diamonds face down in the right hand.

The performer then holds the cards in one hand again and shows the audience both sides to confirm the Ace and the Two are both still in play.

Next, the performer places the Two of Clubs face up in the left hand and the Ace face down in the right. While keeping the right hand in place, they slowly move the left hand behind their back, keeping the face-up Two visible to the audience until it is out of sight. The same wrist-shaking motion is then performed and when the left hand slowly returns from behind the back, it is holding the Ace of Diamonds. The cards have magically traded places again!

The magician then places the face-up Ace in the right hand with the face-down Two and once more shows the audience both sides of the cards.


There you have it, two-card magic! Make sure you click “Continue” below the video to see how it’s done. On the next page, I’ll take you step by step so you can perform it just like a Seattle magician.