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2 Card Monte Magic Trick: Explanation


Explanation Of The Paddle Move (Transcript of Video)

Ok, it’s time to teach you, the magician, how to present this trick to your audience. I’m going to let the cat out of the bag right away and let you know the main secret. It’s your job to never let the audience know this information. The two playing cards used in this trick are not typical playing cards. They are what I call, “gimmick” or trick cards. I know, I know, it takes some of the magic feel away, but your audience doesn’t know that, and they’re the ones you’re trying to amaze!

The cards are two-sided (as all cards are), but in a very misleading way. One of the cards features the face-down (back) of the card on both sides. The other has the face-up Ace of Diamonds on one side and the face-up Two of Clubs on the other. Pretty sneaky, huh?

The Paddle Move

This is the main thing you’ll need to master before you become an expert at performing this illusion. It’s known as the “paddle move.” It’s used throughout the trick each time you’re holding the two cards in one hand in the V-shape. It involves quickly sliding the cards with your thumb (on top) and fingers (underneath) so that the cards switch sides in your hand when you raise them up and lower them for the audience. The result is the audience believing they are seeing the opposite side of each card. While it’s true, they are seeing the opposite side, there’s two things they don’t know:

1). The cards are gimmick cards

2). You’ve used the paddle move to move the left card to the right side and vice versa.

So as you raise the cards to reveal the opposite sides, perform the paddle move simultaneously to show the double-sided back side on the left, when it was originally on the right. The same holds true with the double-sided, face-up card. When you paddle move the face-up Ace from the left side to the right, the audience sees the face-up Two on the right side. Make sense? Take a look at the video above to see how it works in slow motion.

Important note: Only perform the paddle move once or twice during each phase of the illusion. The more you perform the move, the better chance the audience catches a glimpse of what you’re really doing.

Once you’ve practiced and mastered the paddle move, the table is set for you to amaze your audience just like a Seattle magician. Make sure the cards are not sticky and that they slide together very easily. Applying a little baby powder can help if necessary.

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