Ten Things to Expect When Dating Magicians: Blog Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ten Things to Expect When Dating Magicians: Blog Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dating a Magicain

Magicians are people, too. Sometimes our lives aren’t as magical as they may seem. We eat, sleep, and even date! Okay, maybe our relationships aren’t always so ordinary when we’re constantly pulling rabbits out of hats, but we’ll sure try to make you believe in magic! Here are ten things to expect when dating a magician:

cartoon magician

Want to know what it’s like?

1. He may teach you a trick or two.

If you play your cards right.

2. He always has a trick up his sleeve.

You’ll love his spontaneity. He will constantly surprise you, making the relationship anything but dull.

3. He can make your worries disappear.

Along with pretty much anything else.

4. He’ll probably have a gig on the weekend

Don’t think that he can wine and dine you all weekend long. He’s going to be busy! One night could be a corporate event, another a birthday party. You’ll have to be flexible with his schedule or, better yet, tag along with him!

5. You’ll become the magician’s assistant

He might just shove you in a box at some point, but your relationship will really get serious when he cuts you in half.

6. Built-in entertainment at family functions

No need to worry about icebreakers with a magician by your side. If things get awkward - pick a card, any card.

7. He can pull anything out of his hat

Not just rabbits.

8. He’ll reveal your secrets

Be careful— he can read you like a book, but he’ll never reveal his secrets.

9. He’ll make you believe in magic

Life is more fun with a magical significant other! He will never seize to amaze you, and he might just make you fall under his spell.

10. Those magical fingers can really work some magic

Or, See what magician, Justin Willman has to say about dating a magician…

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