Cocktail Hour Entertainment for Your Wedding: Creative Ideas Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cocktail Hour Entertainment for Your Wedding: Creative Ideas Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cocktail Hour Entertainment at a Wedding

Roving Close-up Magician

Nate will come to your wedding and entertain family and friends so you don’t have to worry about it. He mesmerizes people with his magic during the cocktail/social hour or reception and helps break the ice and get people laughing. This wedding magician will keep your guests entertained while photos are being taken or during breaks in the action.

Give Your Guests Something Different!

What Else?
  • Magic up close in your guests’ hands while you’re busy making rounds.

  • Acts as an ice breaker, bringing people together and gets them laughing.

  • He’ll help make your wedding stand out and be remembered.

  • Gives your guests something different - not “just another wedding.”

  • Elegant and classy magic with material geared for adults.

  • Your guests won’t expect a magician!

  • Provides a variety of entertainment for those who don’t feel like dancing.

  • His magic is not meant to steal the show, but serve as another aspect of entertainment.

  • Affordable

Applause On Papper:

What My Clients Are Saying…

“Thank you cannot begin to express my sincere appreciation for entertaining my wedding guests during the cocktail hour at our recent wedding. The guests were not only entertained by a terrifically talented magician with a good deal of charm & humor, but also had the best social event ice-breaker ever! My guests have commented repeatedly on how they are still trying to figure out your tricks, that you were a fun and professional entertainer, and that it was a wonderful treat that we had thought to entertain them while we finished up the wedding party photos.

Selfishly, my favorite part was the when you did a special trick just for my groom and I. We will keep the united playing cards with our names (first time I got to write my new name!) as cherished mementos of our most important day.

Thank you for being a rousing success and making my wedding that much more special for all!”

Deanna Arnold-Frady


“Mercedes has that card from the trick in her purse, in a ziplock bag. Whenever she tells the story of our engagement, she always shows that card as part of the trick going, “How did he do that?” She’s really vexed on how you performed that illusion.”

Nathaniel H.