The Cost of Quality Event Entertainment Friday, May 1, 2015

The Cost of Quality Event Entertainment Friday, May 1, 2015

The Cost of Corporate Event Magicians

Selecting the right entertainer for your event is crucial. It’s important to have a performer who fits the personality of your audience and the vibe of your event. A corporate magician has the ability to blend in, stand out, and spread amazement throughout the party in different settings.

Corporate Magicians

When selecting a magician for your corporate event, you want to choose someone who dresses like your guests and will blend in—no top hats or capes! The magician will mingle with your colleagues on a personal level to keep everyone engaged so they must be witty, educated and personable. It’s not just about the magic.

Things to Consider

Before considering the cost of a magician, consider the scope of what you’re requesting. He or she might have to take a few days away from other work and spend time travelling, securing rental cars, etc. Plane tickets and hotel accommodations are also potential expenses. If the magician is popular, your event’s date may not be available. Make sure to plan ahead and book early (which could also save on flights).


Like anything you purchase, higher cost means a higher quality product. In rare cases, you may find an adequate to sub-par magician who will travel to your event for $1,500 + travel costs. They will likely not be in demand or have extensive experience. Also, a performer who lacks popularity will probably not get referred after people have seen the show. Most corporate illusionists require the client to pay additional travel and lodging in addition to the service fee, which is a direct factor of how busy or in demand they are. You could find a magician who has been on The Tonight Show or Ellen that charges $5-10,000 + travel for a single event. Television appearances can largely inflate pricing. It’s best to stick with performers who may not be in the TV limelight, but are professional corporate event entertainers.

So What’s The Cost?

You should generally expect to pay between $3,000-4,500 + travel for a full evening/afternoon of corporate event entertainment. Shop around and you’ll get a feel for who has the experience and who is in demand. Watch promo videos, read client testimonials and pick up the phone. Hiring a personality through email doesn’t work as well as getting to know someone over the phone. A good corporate magician will offer one to two hours of close-up illusions during the cocktail hour and follow up with an hour-long after dinner comedy magic show. This will be an enjoyable, entertaining experience that’s interactive and can be tailored to your brand or event.

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