Who Is Sue Ann Webster, Female Magician? Monday, February 15, 2016

Who Is Sue Ann Webster, Female Magician? Monday, February 15, 2016

Who Is Sue Ann Webster, Female Magician?

In this egalitarian world, we expect the presence and participation of women in any field or profession. It is quite surprising though that in the field of magic, it is difficult to name a female magician that has become famous. Even in other entertainment industries that cater to magical performances like the Seattle magicians, one could easily surmise the scarcity of women who have ventured in this kind of profession.

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Only a few are known as great female magicians and that list includes Sue Ann Webster.

Magician Bio

Sue Ann Webster was born in Sydney, the largest city in Australia, and now the capital of New South Wales. Her interest in magic began when she watched The David Nixon Magic Show on television. Inspired by the performance, she opted to undergo training in the allied arts of drama, dance, mime and puppetry. Sue Ann is now acknowledged by peers as Australia’s leading female magician. Below are some of her most notable achievements.

Things You Didn’t Know About Sue-Ann Webster

  • Co-produced The World’s Longest Magic Show’ (75 hours), smashing the old record and making it into the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Voted Most Valuable Performer (with Tim Elis) at the elite invitation only FFFF Close-Up Magic Convention in New York. The event was attended by the top close-up magicians in the world.
  • Reviewed major international magic conventions and competitions for leading US magic magazines - Magic and Genii.
  • Performed the genuinely dangerous Sawing in Half illusion with a live, fully functioning chainsaw.
  • Elected president of ’The Australian Institute of Magic’ and ’FISM Oceania.
  • Being profiled in international magic magazines.
  • Guest performer and judge at major international magic conventions.
  • Lectured on magic throughout the USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Asia.
  • Nominated Lecturer of the Year (with Tim Elis) by The Academy of Magical Arts, at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle.
  • Featured in a British television special on magic - The 23rd FISM World Championships of Magic Stockholm 2006. The program aired to more than 70-million Europeans in 2007, and later, to the rest of the world.
  • An international guest artist, lecturer and compere at the FISM World Championships of Magic.
  • Writing for the most popular international magic magazines in the US -Genii and Magic.
  • Performances at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle.
  • Inventor of magic tricks, selling worldwide to magicians.
  • Produced instructional publications for magicians.
  • Co-editor of Australia’s most successful magic magazine - Australia’s Magic Monthly.
  • Produced and starred in two international top-selling magic teaching DVDs.
  • Magic consultant for television. (Blue Heelers - 7 Network, The Panel -Ten Network).

Due to her exceptional performances, she has earned a place in several international history books on magic, such as the Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation, Historias de Magas Antiguas Y Modernas and Deception Down Under.