Lance Burton Movie: ‘Billy Topit Master Magician’ Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lance Burton Movie: ‘Billy Topit Master Magician’ Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lance Burton Movie: Billy Topit Magician

A magician never fully retires. Although iconic Las Vegas magician Lance Burton no longer performs live on stage, he still keeps plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Burton performed more than 15,000 stage shows during his 30-year career, but recently faced perhaps his most daring feat —his debut as a film director.

Burton directed, executive produced and starred in the movie ‘Billy Topit Master Magician.’ The storyline follows Las Vegas magician Billy Topit (played by Burton) as he performs at children’s birthday parties, lands his dream assistant and tries to escape local mobsters.

Lance Burton Movie

What’s The Movie About?

Plot Synopsis: “Billy Topit Master Magician is excellent at performing magic, but is a bit unlucky offstage. His life gets complicated when some greasy mob guys come after him looking for money. Billy uses his magic skills to avoid confrontation as long as he can, as he’d rather concentrate on his career and his new girlfriend. Things get wildly out of control and he’s forced to call on his best friends (a magician, a ventriloquist, a mime and some jugglers) for help. This crew is not the A-Team or even the B-Team, but they’re all Billy’s got!

Interview With Lance Burton

Burton has said the movie is certainly not an autobiography, as the only things he and Billy Topit have in common are their love for Las Vegas and passion for magic. The protagonist is a struggling magician, stuck in the rut of performing at kids’ birthday parties, which is where most magicians begin their careers. Burton wanted to create a relatable, more genuine character than that of the stereotypical mysterious magician so often depicted on screen. ‘Billy Topit Master Magician’ includes many cameos including Criss Angel, Louie Anderson, Jeff McBride, Mac King, Fielding West, and larger roles by Burton’s magician friends Rory Johnston and Johnny Thompson.Burton hopes this family-friendly film “will connect with people from all parts of the world.”

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