Virtual Magic Lessons and Workshops! Sunday, April 5, 2020

Virtual Magic Lessons and Workshops! Sunday, April 5, 2020

Virtual Magic Lessons by Magician, Nate Jester

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Nate Jester has been performing his magic professionally for over 20 years. Using video conferencing, he’s now available to teach magic online!

It’s true….I’ve been a professional magician for more than two decades and I can honestly say I love my job! I’ve had opportunities through the craft that I never could’ve imagined. Cruise ships, full arenas, and even on stage at America’s Got Talent!

But nothing compares to the feeling I get in any scenario where I’m performing magic for children and youth. Maybe it’s because I am a father of three myself. Or maybe it’s the sheer surprise and joy I see in their faces when they’re seeing their first magic trick or illusion! In the past few years, I have focused a lot of time on teaching magic, rather than simply performing it. I’ve found that I see that same level of joy in a student’s face when they master a trick they’ve seen me perform.

Magic Lessons For Home, Schools, & Summer Camps

Magic classes

I am happy to share that Seattle’s most popular magician is now teaching online magic classes for students ages 7 and up! Through video conferencing I effectively teach personalized virtual magic classes. Over time, I have polished these online lessons to the point where they prove just as successful as if we were in the same room! So how does it work?

I teach the secrets of the trade through 35-40-minute lessons via the online meeting platform Zoom. Whatever the level of complexity (beginner, immediate or advanced) of the magic trick, we’ll use regular, everyday household items for props. So, there’s no need to go out and buy anything out of the ordinary. You’ll be surprised what we can accomplish with simple items such as a deck of cards, a few rubber bands and a coin!

Choosing virtual magic lessons comes with a long list of benefits for both you and your student. The online aspect allows for a very flexible schedule where you can choose a time that works best for you. And no worries about battling traffic to make it to lessons on time! Magic is such a great hobby for young people as it sharpens their intellect, grows their self-image and confidence, and improves their social skills. The sleight-of-hand magic and illusion skills they learn from me will last them a lifetime. Plus, I think you’ll appreciate observing your student spending hours of time practicing magic instead of being glued to a screen or device!

Let’s face it, life is busy, and it’s difficult to add another commitment and destination to our schedules. Give online magic school a try in the comfort of your home. Your student will be performing their own virtual magic shows for friends and family in no time!

Lessons can be purchased individually or in packages. Contact me anytime to discuss scheduling lessons for your student!

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