Virtual Team Building Entertainment Ideas

Virtual Team Building
My virtual team building experience can include a 40-minute interactive magic show followed by a 15-minute workshop (55 minutes total egagement).

The show uses 8-10 audience volunteers, who will be called on at random to help create unique illusions specific to them.  Members of the group will work as a team and create virtual impossibilities that are proven possible.  Even though it’s online, it’s still amazing, fun, interactive, and will feel like you’re watching a live show on TV… that they can interact with!!!!  All video conference platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom are accepted.

Virtual Workshop Clips:

During the workshop, your team will master easy-to-learn yet mind-blowing tricks to entertain their colleagues, friends, and families.  The illusions are taught with household items such as a deck of cards, rubber bands, or coins so they won’t have to purchase supplies. This entire experience is also available for live team-building events within the United States and abroad.

Virtual Highlight Reel: