Mentalist Shows

For The Group

Magician & Mentalist Show

Magician and mentalist shows are highly interactive, leaving guests stunned and talking about their experience long after it’s over.

Whether your group is comprised of 9 or 900, Nate has a compelling performance that’s witty and funny. He’ll involve numerous guests throughout the evening to join the show. Nearly 40 spectators can be utilized in a single performance, making it extremely personable and engaging. Feats of unbelievable magic and illusions will be presented with unsuspected and dumbfounding results. The magician and mentalist shows are typically 45-60 minutes in length but can be customized to any timeline.

Want To Make More Of An Impact?

Beginning the event with Nate’s close-up roaming-style magic is often recommended. This is usually during social hour and works as an ice-breaker as guests arrive. This creates more of a cohesive performance and lets Nate personally engage with attendees before the show.

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“You blew our minds”

Green Day, Musical Artist

“That was amazing!”

Brandi Carlisle, Musical Artist

“The guys are still talking about you”

Grant Clark, Sounders FC, Team Director

“Absolutely Incredible… Every time we see you!”

Tom Gosner, DocuSign Founder

“The best Magician on the West Coast”

Macklemore, Musical Artist

“That was fun!”

Samantha Holloway, Owner, Seattle Kraken