Laughter Therapy - The Therapeutic Benefits of a Magician Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Laughter Therapy - The Therapeutic Benefits of a Magician Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roving Close-up Magicians Always Impress

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In our busy lives full of stress and strain, we often forget to appreciate and enjoy the little things. We need to take a few moments each day to forget our concerns and worries. Otherwise over time we’ll slowly hurt our mental and physical wellness. A smile can do wonders for our mind and soul, and laughter is truly the best medicine. Clinical research has proven that humor is important in keeping us happy and healthy. Sometimes we feel nothing seems to go our way and we desperately seek something to make us happy. So, how do we do this? How can we reduce the stress and entertain ourselves? How about with a little magic!

Magicians Make People Happy

One type of person who can increase our happiness levels is a talented magician. Any gifted magician/ entertainer has the ability to direct our emotions in positive ways. The art of illusion is a universal form of entertainment, appreciated by people of all ages and walks of life. If you’re planning an event, look no further than a magician to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Every magician specializes in a specific type of magic that he/she performs to entertain audiences. They can be a stage, strolling, wedding, college or corporate magician, or one who specializes in entertaining at children’s parties. However, most magical shows are performed in an auditorium before a large audience. Stage illusions are the most admired type of performance and are considered to be the basics of any magical show. With stage illusions, audiences are entertained with unusual animals or large props and with the help of assistants. Some of the greatest forms of entertainment are categorized as stage illusions.

Types of Magic Performance

Platform (or stand-up) magic is another form of entertainment. It is typically performed for large or medium-size audiences in venues such as comedy clubs and nightclubs. In such venues, small tabletop illusions are very common. Audiences are entertained with the help of props including doves, rabbits, billiard balls, cards, silks, and ropes.

Those who love mind-boggling brain teasers are sure to enjoy “mentalism” performances. This form of magical performance creates a long lasting impression on audiences, keeping them entertained under all conditions. The magician has exquisite powers and performs unbelievable feats, including controlling the minds of his audiences. He has powers to read the thoughts of someone else, predict events and perform great feats. This type of magic is usually performed in a cabaret or small close-up setting, or even in front of a single spectator. Acts like these are great for corporate events, as this type of magician is skilled at lightening up any atmosphere.

Have Fun With Magic

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Seattle magicians provide therapeutic effects on audiences by providing curiosity, amazement, and interactive entertainment for audiences. In today’s world where everything seems to have an answer, the art of illusion can make even the most somber believe in magic.

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