Virtual Mentalist

Bringing The Office Together!

Virtual Magic Shows for Remote Audiences

Interactive Virtual Entertainment

Bring a creative element to your next remote meeting with Nate’s virtual mentalist show. He has a unique style that enables him to create unbelievable illusions over the internet. Team members will be asked to interact with the performance, creating thoughts and making choices that will result in stunning outcomes.

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“You blew our minds”

Green Day, Musical Artist

“That was amazing!”

Brandi Carlisle, Musical Artist

“The guys are still talking about you”

Grant Clark, Sounders FC, Team Director

“Absolutely Incredible… Every time we see you!”

Tom Gosner, DocuSign Founder

“The best Magician on the West Coast”

Macklemore, Musical Artist

“That was fun!”

Samantha Holloway, Owner, Seattle Kraken