Magician Killed in Syria

The world of magicians and performers is an ever-evolving and endlessly interesting topic. I like to check in from time to time and share thoughts related to recent events in the industry. Here’s what caught my eye over the past month:

Magician Killed in Syria for Performing Magic

The worst news for the magic community in recent memory is a heartbreaking story out of Raqqa, Syria. I saw it on Twitter and it’s one of those things you just hope turns out to be falsely reported. Unfortunately, it appears that Islamic State militants beheaded a street magician who went by the name “Sorcerer.”

Known in the community as a popular street performer who entertained people and children with his sleight-of-hand tricks, the victim didn’t appear to be doing anything offensive to Islam or any other group. Yet he paid for his occupation with his life.

Magician Avoids Speeding Ticket with Magic Trick

On a much lighter note, Magician Steven Brundage was reportedly clocked going 42 mph in a 30-mph zone on his way home in Scotia, New York. A police officer pulled him over and took note of the Rubik’s Cube and deck of cards in his car. After being questioned about it, Brundage explained that he was a performer headed home from a gig. The officer then asked for proof.

Brundage hopped out of the car and performed the following trick.

New iPhone App Lets You Learn Some Simple Tricks on Your Own

While magicians should never reveal their secrets, that doesn’t mean there aren’t resources out there to learn some basics on your own. Magic Tricks Pro is an app that shows off classic card and coin tricks, and their complexity and gives examples on how to perform them. It’s free to download and offers paid add-ons for those who want to go a bit further. Either way, it’s fun to play around with and a good jumping-off point for those interested in magic.