Face-Up Card Trick Tutorial – Easy to Learn!

The Face-Up Card Trick has been in your favorite Seattle Magician’s repertoire since the beginning, but it’s one that anyone can perfect in a matter of minutes! This is an amazing self-working card trick with a normal or borrowed deck of cards. Be sure to watch the video tutorial and follow the instructions below!



The spectator chooses and views a playing card from a shuffled deck of regular (or borrowed) playing cards. The card is then returned to the pack and squared up so the card’s location cannot be detected or tracked. You (the magician) take the deck and put it behind your back. You then claim you’ve found the selection behind your back in less than three seconds. When the deck is brought back into view, you fan through all 52 cards, showing that all the cards are face down and only one is face up. That’s right – the spectator’s card!



Shuffle the deck and have the spectator choose a card at random. For example, purposes, let’s say they select the Six of Clubs.

Instruct them not to show anyone yet. To prove you won’t be able to see the card, you will turn your back and look in another direction. This is when you turn your back while holding the cards and instruct the spectator to show everyone his/her card. While they’re doing so, you’re able to do the dirty work. Turn the entire deck face up so the faces are all pointing up. Then, take the top card and turn it face down. You should now have a deck that is all face up except for the top card (face down). When you turn around to face your audience again, this will give the illusion that this is a standard deck of cards with all the cards face down.

Once you’ve turned back around to face your spectator, take their card and stick it back in the deck. Everyone will believe you’re inserting the card face down into a face-down deck, but you’re really placing the card face down into a face-up deck (except for the top card). Once the card is flush and squared up in the deck, tell the audience you are now going to put the deck behind your back and find their card in less than three seconds.

When you put the deck behind your back, you only need to turn the top card over. This will make that card face up instead of face down. You will now have a deck with 51 face-down cards and one face-up card in the center of the deck.

Finally, bring the deck (face down) back into view and spread through the cards, showing that you have magically turned their card (the Six of Clubs) over while behind your back. Everyone will be amazed!

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