The Faro Shuffle

Become a master at this often-labeled difficult card shuffle!

While the Faro Shuffle sounds like a dance King Tut might’ve performed, it’s a complicated card deck shuffle. YOU can uncomplicate and perfect it by following the steps below, which are demonstrated in the video tutorial.


The Faro Shuffle is perfect. The deck will return to its original order when cut evenly at 26 cards and shuffled correctly eight times.

Many aspiring magicians attempt to learn this shuffle using a standard deck of Bicycle playing cards. However, the secret this Seattle Magician is happy to share is that it’s all about the brand. Using the proper brand of cards when learning this feat will greatly expedite the learning process. Your practice sessions will be 10x more productive, and you’ll be a Faro Shuffle expert in no time!

The Secret

When you begin, use a new Aviator deck of playing cards. Designate the deck as your Faro deck; don’t use it for anything else. Doing so will condition the deck to memorize the movements of a faro. The more you practice, the easier it will be to interweave the cards effectively.

The Steps

Remove the two advertising cards and the two jokers, so you’re left with 52 cards (four suits of 13 cards). Make sure the Ace of Hearts is on top and the Ace of Spades is on the bottom. Cut the cards exactly halfway (26 cards deep) and perform a Faro Shuffle. Repeating the action seven more times will return the deck to its original order. See the table below for the “halfway card” to identify when cutting each time for shuffling.

Cards to cut to (beginning with brand new deck order)
1. King of Clubs
2. Ace of Diamonds
3. Seven of Clubs
4. Four of Diamonds
5. Nine of Spades
6. Five of Spades
7. Three of Spades
8. Two of Spades

Remember to check out the video to watch my full demonstration/tutorial of the Faro Shuffle. And as always, practice makes perfect!


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