Seattle Magician & Mentalist Performs on Riverboat Cruise

A few months ago, a client I hadn’t worked with in three years, called me regarding an opportunity to perform on a riverboat cruise. I was thrilled to receive the invitation as I had performed more than 60 shows aboard the very same riverboat from 2015-16. The American Queen Steamboat Company is always incredible to work with and their guests are always up for some quality entertainment. It was certainly nice to hear from them after a two-year hiatus.

On Halloween, 2018, I began a trek from Seattle down to The Dalles, OR. This was a unique trip, that would require me to perform some magic before the show even began!

The ship’s journey would already be underway and I was scheduled to perform while cruising. To coordinate this effort, I drove my car from Seattle, to the port where the ship would be docked for the night. After dropping my car off in The Dalles, I hopped in a rental car and drove back across the Hood River to Stevenson, WA. I then turned the rental car keys over to a crew member who drove it back to The Dalles. Finally, I boarded the ship and conducted my two 45-minute magic shows while sailing back to The Dalles, where my personal car was waiting for me. Both shows went off without a hitch and I had a blast working with the crew again.

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