Seattle Team Building
I typically arrive at a conference a day or two before my scheduled team building workshop. This allows me to observe the conference in action, get to know some key leaders and team members, listen to speeches, and get a sense of the conference objectives. This also gives me the time to develop and customize a comedic magic show that hits the center of the conference messaging. The show is highly interactive and involves multiple team members joining me in the spotlight!

A highlight of the experience is always the post-performance team building workshop. This can be done in person or with virtual team-building events. We’ll divide everyone into groups and distribute props to each table. Each team will be challenged to create a skit using specific criteria. This allows everyone in the room to be involved in some improvisational fun!

Once this timed activity is completed, teams will be invited to perform their skits in front of the entire group. The whole room will erupt in laughter as creativity is displayed at its finest. The enhanced sense of community will take the conference to a new level. After the performances, company leaders or everyone in attendance can vote on the winning team!

Finally, to close out my time, I will bring it all home and integrate the message for a million-dollar takeaway.

Contact me, the company entertainment expert, to discuss making your next conference one they’ll never forget!

Team Building Conference