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Children’s Birthday Party Magician

Interactive, Amazing, and Fun!

Children’s Birthday Party Magician!

Welcome to my website! Are you interested in hiring a magician for a kids birthday party?  Look no further!

My birthday magic shows are appropriate for all ages and are filled with tons of mind-blowing magic, comedy, and family fun.  I have 20+ years of experience as the Seattle’s premiere children’s birthday party magician.

Shows Can Include:

  • Amazing and interactive 30-35 minute birthday magician shows. Volunteers be ready!
  • Balloon animals for each of the kids
  • 45-50 min of total entertainment
  • The birthday boy or girl is the star of the show!
  • Birthday Party Magic Shows
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  • Birthday Party Magic Show
  • Kids Birthday Magic Show
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Magician, Nate Jester - amazes kids
Floating Table Magic Trick
KIDS Photo Slideshow (YouTube Video)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Nate has been bringing his family magic show into Seattle area homes for the last 20+years. He began performing magic professionally at age 14 and is now a full-time entertainer. He’s Seattle’s premiere magician for a kids birthday party.  Here’s what he has to say about hosting successful birthday magic shows…

What types of tricks will he perform?2023-12-06T03:28:31+00:00

The tricks performed will be specific to the age of the kids. Younger kids (ages 2-5) will get slightly silly but still mind-blowing magic with relatable objects such as crayons, , balloons, animal figures, and rope. Older kids will see more complex sleight-of-hand illusions with money, cell phones, and even RUBIK’S CUBES! Finally, ages 9+ will experience all my fantastic sleight-of-hand AND my world-famous MENTALISM ILLUSIONS. This is the hard-hitting entertainment that impresses tweens, teens, and adults. Every show is unique, and I’ll keep everyone laughing out loud in disbelief. Even the adults!

How much space is needed?2024-03-27T18:42:55+00:00

Please plan on the magic show taking a minimum of 3X5 feet. It’s ideal to have closer to 5X7 feet as Nate often brings 1-2 kids up at a time to be included in the show. The performance can fit in almost any area and he’s never run into any issues. He’ll be happy to help move a coffee table or scoot a couch back a few feet.

Here’s a general photo of what to expect when preparing to have a magician for kids birthday party.

Living Room Magic Show Space

Where should we have the show?2023-12-06T03:28:43+00:00

The best place for a traditional birthday magic show is a living room. Nate can perform in front of the TV, fireplace or from the corner of the room. It’s best not to have people on the sides or behind the magician so please keep this in mind when choosing a space.

When should the magic show begin?2023-12-06T03:28:48+00:00

I recommended to have the show begin at least 15-30 minutes after the party begins. This allows guests plenty of time to arrive and get settled in.

Where should the kids sit?2023-12-06T03:28:53+00:00

The best place for the kids to sit is on the floor. They can usually sit within a few feet of the area/props without getting in the way of my performance. Save the comfy seats for the adults!

When should the kids have cake?2023-12-06T03:28:58+00:00

It’s ideal for the kids to eat cake after the show. That way they’re not tasked with sitting down for a show while jacked up on sugar.

What if we have more kids than I told Nate we would have?2023-12-06T03:30:23+00:00

It’s impossible to know exactly how many kids you’re going to have at the party. Especially when it comes to last minute guests bringing siblings. Nate’s birthday prices are for parties with 20 kids or less. There is an additional $5 charge for each additional child. It’s not a problem and the total number of kids can be quickly counted at the end of the party before paying the fee. Don’t worry, adults, infants, and sleeping babies do not count. :-)

Popcorn and snacks during the show?2023-12-06T03:32:08+00:00

Believe it or not, this is not a good idea. Having any kind of snacks or drinks during the show for the kids can be distracting. They’ll want to get up for more during the performance, or possibly spill on their friends during the excitement. Save the goodies for directly after the last trick and you’ll be happy you did.

Magic Wands and Magic Hats?2023-12-06T03:31:22+00:00

Some parents choose to supply the kids with a magic wand and/or top hat for the show. This is incredibly cute and seems like a great idea, but unfortunately it’s not. The wands become a distraction for kids during the show and they’ll generally start to play with them at inopportune moments. It’s best to give them the props immediately after the performance so they can play together and the excitement can continue.

Can we take pictures and video during the show?2023-12-06T03:31:29+00:00

Absolutely! Feel free to capture the magic on camera or with a video recorder. This is an amazing experience that will be fun to revisit in the future. Just don’t tell anyone if a trick gets compromised!

Household Pets2023-12-06T03:31:33+00:00

Please keep all household pets in a separate room. Having the family dog walk around the magic props or distracting the kids during a trick is not ideal.

Should we have the show outside?2023-12-06T03:31:43+00:00

It’s best to have the magic show inside. Acoustically, having a party outside can make the magic show less impressive. There may be airplanes flying over or lawnmowers buzzing in the neighbor’s yard. For larger parties, people in the back may have a difficult time hearing and can become chatty which will create more noise as they get restless.

Sometimes it can work to your advantage to have the kids playing outside when the magician arrives and sets up props inside. The kids will have a bigger reaction when they walk into the house and see the show for the first time. Nate can send the kids back outside to burn some energy after the show while he packs up. He can then head outside to make balloon animals. This way all the craziness can be contained outside.

If you do decide to have the party outside, Nate will make the best of it and still put on a wonderful show. Please consider where the sun will be during the performance. Most magic shows last 30-45 minutes and it could be uncomfortable to have either the audience or the magician looking into the sun.

Does Nate provide magic goodie bags?2023-12-06T03:31:49+00:00

This is not something I provide at this time. I tend to put more of a focus on entertaining the kids with a top notch magic show. :-)

Magic Birthday Evite and Invitations2024-03-27T18:40:05+00:00

It’s always a good idea to mention you’re having a magician for the kids birthday party. This is a great way to drum up excitement and attendance. Some parents have found helpful invitation ideas on Pinterest: HTTPS://WWW.PINTEREST.COM/PIN/148618856425293189/ You’re also welcome to use any of MY PHOTOS or link to the website, so people will see how fun the party will be. It’s not a bad idea to tell your friends I WAS ON AMERICA’S GOT TALENT! Hint hint.

After the Show2023-12-06T03:28:23+00:00

Lastly, if you enjoyed my magic show, please tell your friends and/or write a review. Customer reviews and client feedback helps keep me in business!


Here’s What Parents Are Saying…

Kids Testimonial #1 (YouTube Video)

We recently had Nate perform for our son’s 5th birthday party. The party was a hit and our son’s reaction to the magic show was priceless! He loved being on the center stage helping Nate with some of his tricks. I couldn’t tell who had more fun at the party, the kids or the parents!

Melissa Robbins, North Bend, WA

He performed magic at my children’s birthday party where one son turned six and the other eight. We had 20 kids ages five to nine and half of those attending have autism. He did an outstanding job of keeping this diverse and challenging audience captivated and happy. Parents alike had a great time and continued to ask me where I found such a great performer. Thank you, for making my boys feel so special on their big day!

Katrina, Seattle, WA

You are AMAZING! Thank you for putting on such a great show for all of us today. We were talking about it for hours after you left.

Jenny Henderson, Snohomish, WA

The show was great and everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks for making my son’s party something everyone will remember.

Angela, Seattle, WA

We had Nate the birthday magician perform at our son’s 5th birthday party and it was the BEST experience ever. I’m not sure who enjoyed the show more, the kids or the parents. While Nate’s magic tricks were first class and had all the adults scratching their heads at how he did them, I think the real magic came when I saw the stunned and smiling faces of the 5-year-olds along with their un-contained excitement and enthusiasm. With two kids, we’ve hosted and attended the spectrum of different parties from jumpy houses, karate, musicians, playground picnics, science center parties, play cafes, arts and crafts, etc – – – however Nate’s magic party, along with his approachable and (age appropriate) humor with the kids made it our favorite birthday party of all time. Hire Nate – you’ll be so glad you did!

Jen Chinn, Lynnwood, WA
Kids Testimonial #2 (YouTube Video)

You were SO great. The kids all LOVED you and the adults were very entertained as well. I’m trying to convince my mother in law to have a party with you as entertainment! Thank you SO much for coming and for being the friendly, charming, funny and very talented magician that you are. We hope you have you back again soon!!

Emily Alhadeff, Seattle, WA

Entertaining for both kids and adults Nate did a lovely show for a birthday party of six-year-olds and adults. His sight gags were perfect for the little ones while his more complex card tricks had the adults talking for quite some time. He is a natural with kids and handles their impromptu questions and responses like someone who has been around kids all his life. We are looking forward to the next event where we can use a birthday magician!

Sue Evans, Seattle

Great show for my 7yr old’s birthday! Age appropriate banter. Parents enjoyed as well. Good length.

Elisabeth B., Seattle, WA

Nate performed at our sons 7th birthday party with mostly adults & was funny & appropriate for both kids & adults. We are still scratching our heads & talking about a few illusions he did. He was very personable, funny, great w kids & adults too. I would highly recommend him for any event! He is also a professional and reliable and was a pleasure to have around.

Kim Hornung, Renton, WA

Nate performed at my daughter’s 8th-year birthday party with a huge gathering of adults and lots of special kids (5-13 years age). Nate was terrific and amazing with his tricks. My daughter was the center of attention of his show and even most of her friends got a chance to participate in the show. Nate was excellent and fun with his show and mesmerized us all. Even the parents enjoyed it a lot and you don’t believe it was pin-drop silence when he was performing his tricks and guessing what would happen next, that was amazing. Kids loved him as well parents. Thanks a lot, Nate for making my daughter’s magic birthday a very special event.

Radha Jupudi, Bellevue, WA
Kids Testimonial #3 (YouTube Video)

I wanted to hire a children’s birthday party magician near me and found Nate.  He was great to work with! Not only did the kids love him, but also the adults! Nate is a professional at his best and we hope to have him again for another birthday party!

Joel Mallari, Mukilteo

You were definitely a HIT at the party! The kids loved you and so did the parents. My daughter keeps talking about the show and how it was her favorite part of her party. You rocked! Thank you for your great show.

Esther Sumner, Kenmore, WA

We hired Nate to do a magic show for our daughter’s 5th birthday. He was AWSOME! The kids (and adults) LOVED it! He’s the best magician for a kids birthday party! His magic had everyone left in awe wondering how he did it. I will also add that he was hilarious he had the whole room laughing to the point of tears. He was very personable and both the adults and kids were talking about it for weeks after. I was very pleased with our whole experience and would highly recommend Nate.   He is a fantastic children’s birthday party magician! We hope to have him again.

Nicole Luchsinger, Bothell, WA

We had the best experience with Nate. He performed for our 4 and 6-year-old boys’ birthday party and did a fantastic job. He was on time, professional, and very entertaining. Both the children and adults at the party thoroughly enjoyed his show. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a great birthday magician and entertainer!

Rachel Blake, Seattle, WA

Your show was awesome! I have heard from a number of folks who really enjoyed the show and your work, particularly the way that you entertained both children and adults who were in attendance. Thank you again for all your work in making for a terrific evening from our group.

Jimmy McPherson, North Creek Presbyterian Church, Mill Creek, WA
Kids Testimonial #4 (YouTube Video)

Everyone had a blast, Ben said it was by far the best birthday he’s had to date (and I concur)… and of course it was due to you. Thank you for making his birthday so special! We sincerely appreciated it and will recommend you to anyone looking to hire a magician for a kids birthday party.

Oleg Moskalensky, Kirkland, WA

We were searching for a children’s birthday party magician and found Nate.  He’s the best Birthday Magician ever! We hired him to perform at my daughter’s 9th birthday party. He absolutely captivated all 20 kids and the parents. His show was AMAZING! My daughter has already told me that she wants him back for her 10th birthday. Nate made this her best birthday memory. We are looking forward to the next event we can book him at.

Mary Zajaczkowski, Seattle

Nate played at the Teatro ZinZanni tent venue on October 19th for our first Art Gala event. Nate performed his expert magic with our guests in the lobby and tent during the event. We have worked with Nate before at Teatro ZinZanni with our circus camp as well as animation for various events hosted at the tent.

As always Nate leaves the crowd laughing and in awe at the same time. The art event on the 19th was no exception. Nate is always charming and so approachable with the guests when performing his incredible magic. It is always such a delight to see the guests mesmerized between the gasps, laughter and open jaws after seeing his talents.

I love when Nate was walking away after one of his perfected illusions and everyone is laughing and talking amongst themselves and the remarks overheard were: “I thought I had him and then Wham!” , “How did he do that?”, “I was staring at his hands the whole time! That was amazing” and the stunned shake of the head with the simple dazed remark of “WOW!” : )  I would highly recommend him as a magician for a kids birthday party. Thank you Nate for yet another stellar performance!

Matthew White, Teatro ZinZanni

I hired Nate to perform at the Fall Festival for the Montessori school that my child attends. We wanted a magician to perform for the entire school, so we weren’t necessarily wanting a magician for a kids birthday party.  He spent the first half of the party walking through the festival dazzling small groups with magic tricks. During his performance for the whole group he kept us all captivated with his tricks, energy and humor. He did a great job of tailoring his show to the target audience (2-6 year olds) and still kept the adults entertained. Nate was very professional. I would recommend him for any gathering.

Grace Manning, Harbor Point Montessori School

My son said he wanted a children’s birthday party magician.  I found Nate and hired him for our son’s 7th birthday as well as my husband’s 46th birthday a few months later. Nate is hugely entertaining for all ages! Charming, clever, unbelievably talented, and a great way to get the party started!  He’s our favorite Birthday Magician.

Elaine Eva, Parent
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