Killer Stack Deck Card Trick Tutorial! Sunday, December 23, 2018

Killer Stack Deck Card Trick Tutorial! Sunday, December 23, 2018

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Effect:This is an amazing self-working card trick performed with a stacked deck. You and the spectator will shuffle and cut the cards. The Aces are then found in a mysterious way by simply spelling them. Next, the Kings are mysteriously found all together. And as a grand finale, the four suits are left to be separated.

This is one of the favorite card tricks of your favorite Seattle Magician, and once you master it, I’m willing to bet it will be near the top of your list as well. Trust me, everyone will be floored!

Setup (Face up from the top)
Ace of Clubs
Ace of Hearts
Ace of Spades
Ace of Diamonds
11 Diamonds
1 Club (any non-King)
King of Clubs
King of Hearts
King of Spades
King of Diamonds
10 Clubs
11 Hearts
11 Spades

(See below image)
Alternative Text
• Hold the deck face down.
• Perform a few false shuffles (see faro shuffle tutorial here).
• Deal (produce) the four Aces off the top. Table placement and organization is important with this trick, especially if you have limited space.
• Place the four Aces at the top of your table/ space in “CHSD” order from left to right (pronounced “chased” = “C”lubs, “H”earts, “S”pades, “D”iamonds.
• With the rest of the cards, turn the backs toward the audience. It’s important they don’t see that the cards are separated in a stack order.
• Cut all the Spades and place them face down on the table below the Ace of Diamonds.
• Cut all the Hearts and place them face down on the table below the Ace of Spades.
• Cut all the Clubs and place them face down on the table below the Ace of Hearts.
• Cut all the Kings (only) and place them face down under the King of Clubs.
• Finally, take the leftover cards (all of the Diamonds and the 1 Club) and place them face down to the right of the furthest right pile. (see below image)

Alternative Text

Next, take the Ace of Clubs and place it on the stack of face-down cards below it. Have the spectator freely cut as many cards as they’d like from the pile to the right (under the Ace of Hearts) and place it on top of the ace of clubs. The number of times they cut doesn’t matter.

Now place the Ace of Hearts on top of the face-down pile below it and have the spectator cut from the pile to the right of it and place those cards on the Ace of Hearts. You should now have two face up Aces “mixed” within a bunch of face down cards.

Repeat this same process with the two remaining Aces. When you get the Ace of Diamonds pile, take the right-most pile containing the Diamonds and 1 Club and place that entire pile on top of the Ace of Diamonds.

Now collect the piles by taking all the cards on the right-most pile and placing them on the pile to the left. Next, take that pile (should contain the Ace of Spades and Diamonds face up) and place on the ace of hearts. Finally, take that pile (contains the face up ace of hearts, spades and diamonds) and place those on top of the ace of club’s pile.

Feel free to do some false shuffles at this point. Be sure not to disturb the order.

Now spell the ace of diamonds while placing one card after another face down on the table coinciding with each letter.

Continue to do this with each of the Aces in reversed CHSD order (1. Diamonds, 2. Spades, 3. Hearts, 4. Clubs). Be sure to keep all the cards and piles aligned while remaining symmetrical. It’s important to be organized so the illusion is clear to the audience. Everything should be set on the table to appear in a grid configuration.

After spelling each of the Aces, you should have four Kings left in your hand. Place those on top of the each of the aces corresponding to their suite. Be sure to place them at an angle so the aces are still visible. (see below image)

Alternative Text

Now take the one club card that’s on top of the left-most face down pile (under the Ace and King of diamonds) and use it to point/ illustrate that everything has been mixed. After doing this, place it face down on the right most pile (under the Ace and King of Clubs). This will now rejoin all the Clubs together.

You’re almost done! All you have left is to turn over each of the piles of cards which will all show to be separated by suits. This is an amazing feat to display because you’ve been “shuffling” and the spectator has been “cutting” the entire time!

Enjoy the accolades you receive from your audience. You worked hard to master this trick and you deserve them!

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